Ice Fishing Shack Plans - How to Build an Ice Fishing House or Shack

Choose from portable ice fishing shacks or pop-up shacks. Read how to build ice fishing shacks then build a customized one that is exactly what you want.

Ice Fishing Shack Plans Plans
Here are detailed ice fishing shack plans with great tips and illustrative photos for building a fishing shanty of your very own.

Simple Ice Fishing Shanty
With a large trap and lots of plywood you can make a ice shanty and start fishing.

Ice Fishing Shack Plans
Follow these five steps for an ice fishing shack built out of a tarp and some camping supplies.

Basic Ice Fishing Shack Plans
Using these detailed instructions along with a list of needed materials you can easily build a ice fishing shack.

Ice Fishing Shelter
These instructions give you all the information you need to make a shelter from the wind and cold.

Artsy Shanty
With this ice fishing shack plan you can create a shanty that reflects your personality. This is a fun project for the whole family.

Ice Fishing House
Build this ice fishing house using this plan for the ultimate ice fishing experience.

Portable Ice Fishing Shelter
This project is all about building a portable ice shelter that will keep you fishing in comfort.

Pop-Up Ice Fishing Shanty
Detailed instructions along with diagrams will get you started on this pop-up ice shanty which includes two seats.

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